IAM Reading: Adventures in the Art World

"The auctioneer"


Date:     27.02.2017

Author: Andrea Seehusen & Mandana Bender




A book for long flights:  The Auctioneer - Adventures in the Art Trade by Simon de Pury


The „Auctioneer- Adventures in the Art Trade" by Simon de Pury and Wiilam Stadiem is a very interesting read about Simon De Pury’s journey in the Art World.


Simon De Pury, who because of his showmanship and exuberance during auctioneering is known as the „Mick Jagger of Auctions“ , devoted his whole life in art to bringing it to the public and to the juxtaposition of high and low.


The book is his autobiography, where he recounts how he became the world’s pre-eminent auctioneer. In an overall frank, confessional but at the same time entertaining and well-written style he describes episodes of his life in the International Art World. The book was a very interesting travel companion and while reading it on the plane, it felt like having a conversation with key figures in the art world, which made me feel quite at home.


Along with the accounts of the interesting people he has met, I learned a number of facts about the contemporary art market, the auction houses and intriguing personalities including artists, collectors and the connection between art and business.


Since the mission of my business IAM- International Arts Management Munich is bringing companies together with artists to create exciting works and to foster new perspectives in business, the book inspired me to persevere and continue on new paths.

Thus, I can highly recommend reading this book which I have gifted a couple of times. Simon had a lot of lucky opportunities, but the real gift is to recognize them and "eat the cookies while they are passed."