Mumbai's Hidden Galleries


Date: 02.02.2017

Author: Andrea Seehusen



Andrea Seehusen is exploring Mumbai's Hidden Galleries during India Art Fair this week.


Courtesy of Chemould Prescott Road 2017



A gallery tour through Mumbai requires a bit of exploring because in some of the buildings you see when you reach the address, you can hardly see the entrance to a gallery. You have to enter old colonial style buildings and climb charming wooden staircases in anticipation of the gallery name that finally appears on the door. Then, you ring a bell at the entrance and immediately step into  art spaces of which you would never have thought existed in the old building. For example, in a hundred year old British colonial building  one can find the Chemould Prescott Road Gallery which was established in 1963. The current exhibition „Fold/Unfold"  by the Indian performance artist Sonia Khurana is really impressing. While well-known internationally for over a decade, with shows and interventions all over the world, this is Khurana’s first solo in Mumbai. By creating Performance art and using the female body in her interventions, she is courageously before her time in India. Her work is placed both within the feminist discourse, as well as among the emerging generation of artists working with digital media.




Courtesy of Gallery Maskara 2017



In a former grain storage in the heart of one of Mumbai’s busiest markets you can  find the Gallery Maskara showing a very personal and moving exhibition curated by the gallerist and collector Abhay Maskara entitled „TIME". Abhay lost his father within twelve days of being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Time was no longer just a useful construct that is taken for granted, but rather „it felt like an alarm clock with a ticking heart“, as he writes at the entrance. The show is a result of Abhay’s reflection on life and the time we have and how we spend it. He invites the viewer to examine relationships with loved ones, with oneself, with life and ultimately -with death. The works examine our perception of the body and the precarious times we live in in a quiet and deeply moving way and consists of works from the artists Max Streicher, Meenakshi Sengupta, Narendra Yadav, Parag Sonarghare, Prashant Pandey, and T.Venkanna.


So if you happen to be in Mumbai soon, check out these amazing exhibitions as well as the vivid Mumbai Gallery Scene, we can highly recommend it!