Art After Work

Ken'ichiro Taniguchi


Date:     21.07.2017

Author: Julian Stalter & Andrea Seehusen



It was the cracks and splinters that stood in the center of this summer's Art After Work. Rather than hiding them, the artist Ken'ichiro Taniguchi singles them out and shows their sublime beauty. It is truly astonishing, what kind of forms and patterns are revealed, once they are in the spotlight. Ken'ichiro uses a bright yellow to turn the negativity associated with flaws into a positive feature. It is the yellow of the "Adonis Rose" which is the first to bloom after winter in Kenichiro’s native Hokkaido.


Photo: Julian Stalter, Artwork Courtesy of Mikiko Sato Gallery


With his unique technique called Hecomi, he traces the outlines of cracks on surfaces, copies them on PVC-plates and finally cuts them out. With his method, he makes a replica of the patterns that make up the patina of old surfaces. In the next stage, Ken'ichiro saws the PVC into pieces which he reconnects with hinges and screws to create a three dimensional sculptures. He also looks at city maps, rivers and streets and uses their outlines for his sculptures. The sizes reach from small delicate wall sculptures to large works for the public realm. For the large-scale works, Kens uses aluminum or carbon, but the color stays the same.


The yellow, modern looking sculptures in the courtyard and the office space of IAM and the adjacent goldsmith Baroccissima contrasted well with the green, baroque wood that lines the balconies of the historic building.


Photo: Julian Stalter, Artwork Courtesy of Mikiko Sato Gallery



We were especially happy that numerous guests came to discover Ken'ichiro's art. Old friends and new faces alike. It is our second year of doing the "Art After Work" events, and we are glad to see that they establish themselves as memorable events. The cozy atmosphere in the courtyard connected with our favorite artists and artworks makes an excellent combination.


Photo: Julian Stalter, Artwork Courtesy of Mikiko Sato Gallery



We are excited about the future projects for Ken'ichiro Taniguchi. Sapporo and Munich will celebrate their 50th anniversary of partnership in 2022. We hope to get a collaboration started with the artist in Munich to create a memorable sculpture