Jonas Burgert Shows for the First Time in Mumbai


Date:     14.02.2017

Author: Andrea Seehusen



Jonas Burgert, Courtesy of Galeria ISA


The Gallery ISA in the Kala Rhoda district in Mumbai is not easy to find . Behind this window is a wonderful space with paintings by the Berlin based artist Jonas Burgert. The gallerist Ashwin Thadani has a keen eye and has been showing well-curated exhibitions of strong western contemporary artists over the past few years.



Galeria ISA


Berlin-based figurative master painter Jonas Burgert is visibly happy with the hanging of five beautiful works created especially for his first show in Mumbai - his first visit to India. The city of Mumbai has a population of 23 million people and the day before we met Jonas and his friends on the street in front of the National Gallery of Modern Art.

Energies bring the right people together as does art. There were a number of European collectors gathered for the vernissage as well as the Mumbai art crowd. The paintings struck a cord with the Indian culture. Burgert’s paintings are a reflection on complexity and contradiction, the very nature of human emotion and the very heart of India where tradition meets hyper modernity in a way that inexplicably works and charms. His paintings are vibrant, colourful, brimming over with symbols, iconography, and a wealth of detail. As complex as our sub-conscious shows us in our dreams. The colors seem to be made for India, but are his own signature.

The reactions of the collectors and art lovers are very positive and the show has already sold out. Congratulations to a brave gallerist bringing contemporary artists to a place which has valued traditional Indian art up to now.






Jonas Burgert, Courtesy of Galeria ISA


“Schlier” will be up at Galerie Isa, Mumbai until the April 11.