Reading List

Summer 2017



Author: Andrea Seehusen

Great Works - Encounters with Art

Michael Glover


This fully illustrated book offers a highly enjoyable and intelligently-written tour through art history, with the renowned art critic and poet Michael Glover. You can pass the afternoon sitting in the garden and choosing which work to read about next.

Marina Abramovic

Walk through Walls


Have you ever had the feeling that you really didn’t fully understand performance art? Then read this book and be amazed how naturally the performances of Marina and Ulay evolved. For some projects they researched for year and others are simply about life. Art could be made of anything – or nothing. You cannot put the book down.

Marcel Duchamp - The Afternoon Interviews

Calvin Tomkins


Perfect for waiting times and short plane trips. The interviews are like comfortable conversations with an artist whose thinking changed how we perceive art. You find out what the Readymade really meant to him.

Joost Zwagerman



With this novella „Duel", the Dutch writer and essayist Joost Zwagerman presents a fast-paced satire on the art business. It is a story full of wit, action, clever thoughts and a good dose of slapstick. I don’t want to give any details, because the surprising turns in the story make it so enjoyable.

A Graphic Novel by Antje Herzog

Lampe und sein Meister Immanuel Kant


This one is in German, but the graphics place you completely in Kant’s world of thought through the memoirs of Kant’s servant Lampe. Lampe describes the habits and unchanging daily routine of the great philosopher from a humorous and humanistic perspective. The servant spent 40 years with his master.