Susanne Rottenbacher
 presented a permanent installation of her work entitled “Lily Pond” at the Swarovski Flagship store in Innsbruck on September 13th. The historical architecture of the store is an inspiring interplay between design, art and crystalline objects. Susanne placed “Lily Pond” on the inner façade over two floors, which represents a space-time event for the viewer. The artist plays virtuously with the depth of the historic house and creates a sense of movement with reflections in the window niches.
Last year IAM collaborated with Susanne for a development project in Mumbai. In the sculpture park of Maker Maxity Susanne created “Spin”.

Isaac Julien finished part 2 of his trilogy “Lina bo Bardi - A Marvellous Entanglement” and it premiered at Victoria Miro Gallery on June 6th. The nine-screen video work and photographs document the Brazillian architect Lina Bo Bardi’s most iconic buildings, reflecting on the legacy of the visionary modernist architect and designer (1914-1992). Lina Bo Bardi devoted her working life to promoting the social and cultural potential of art, architecture, and design. The work is filmed on location in Brazil at the São Paulo Museum of Art (MASP), SESC Pompéia, the Teatro Oficina, the Museum of Modern Art, Bahia; the Coaty Restaurant and Gergorio de Matos theatre and stars the acclaimed Brazilian actress Fernanda Montenegro and her daughter.

Isaac Julien: Stones against Diamonds", 2019, Courtesy of Victoria Mira

IAM worked with Isaac on part one of the trilogy “Stones against Diamonds” which was commissioned by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. We recommend you to see the show “Rock My Soul” curated by Isaac Julien during this week’s London Frieze at Victoria Miro Gallery on Wharf Road. New and historical works by black feminist artists meditate on how artists respond to conversations around figuration, abstraction, and self-representation in contemporary art, and affirm their sense of esteem against established art canons.

Marion Goodman Gallery exhibited Yang Fudong’s new work “Beyond GOD and Evil – Preface” this summer. This fantastic gallery installation featured the film series “Dawn Breaking – A Museum Film Project” a 36-channel video installation of 29 days filming in the Long Museum in Shanghai. represents an interpretation of life lived during the Song Dynasty, which was prominent for achievements in art, culture, and science.

Yang Fudong: "Between God and Evil", 2019, Courtesy of Marian Goodman

For several weeks, the artist led the crew of actors and production teams to carry out epic durational performances across two main filming locations within the museum, inviting the general public to view and spontaneously witness the filming process. The experience created a simultaneity of art-making and art-viewing, subverting the traditional expectations of the exhibition experience. The weeks-long filming process is edited into over 20 ‘dailies’, shown across monitors, flat screens and as projections flowing through the exhibition, creating an immersive video installation. Additionally, the exhibition featured a series of eight unique over-painted photographs, depicting different characters from the same project. In 2017 IAM collaborated with Yang Fudong on his video project “Moving Mountains” commissioned by Rolls-Royce.

The Munich artist
 Michele Mellillo who IAM exhibited last summer is currently showing new works in the exhibition “Reset” at his Munich Gallery Nicole Gnsea. “Melillo’s work lives in the rifts between delicate ornaments and painterly abstraction, graphic narrative, and gestural association, telling stories and keeping secrets, implications and disguises."
This quote is out of the text by Dr. Veit Ziegelmaier in the newly published extensive monograph “MICHELE MELILLO”, by Hirmer Publishers which was presented at the opening. The “Süddeutsche Zeitung” dedicated a half-page article on Michele’s work and his new book.  
If you want to see his artworks in person, make sure to visit the exhibition "R E S E T" which is on show at
Nicole Gnesa Gallery in Munich until October 31th.