Avalor Investment is one of the leading wealth management banks in Switzerland and a client of IAM; we are proud to say, for several years. In 2018 Avalor Investment launched its Art Program commissioning young artists to create a work for their offices in Zurich. The artists visit the offices and become familiar with the culture of Avalor. “Creating Value” is the guiding principle of the successful wealth managers, and art is the creation of value out of an artistic idea.

Tabula Rasa : Part XV-1
Joseph Tong: "Tabula Rasa, Part XV", 2018, Courtesy of the artist

The Berlin-based artist Joseph Tong, born in 1981 in Hong Kong, created the first work “Tabula Rasa” for Avalor. Since 2012 Joseph has exhibited in Germany, India, and China. Joseph creates conceptual works through a multidisciplinary approach and a variety of media. His works include the elements of oil and ink painting, sculpture, photography, site-specific installation, and digital art that explores the nature of perception, reality, and representation.

Along with the presented work, Avalor displayed further works in an exhibition, and the Joseph gave an artist talk at the vernissage in Zurich. He conveyed his thoughts about the work for Avalor during the conversation:
„I decided that the use of aluminum - reminiscent of silver - was the right choice for this commission as it references the historical importance of trade in this precious metal. Throughout history, gold and silver has been highly valued for coinage, jewelry, and the arts, and is considered a unique store of value and the symbol of power, strength, and wealth. Therefore, this work pays homage to the accomplishment of AVALOR Investments and its forward-thinking qualities as a financial company.

The next artist has been selected for the Avalor Program, and we will only divulge that he is from London reflecting the international business of Avalor. We will not reveal any more details and are looking forward to installing the work in March 2020.